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Utopian Scholastic (1990s)

ca. Late 1980s - Late 1990s

In some ways this aesthetic is the 'kids version' of Frasurbane, with an emphasis on scholastic endeavors, 'edutainment', and an 'end-of-history' approach to learning. It uses the same classical and 'timeless' typography and imagery with Frasurbane, adding in the aesthetic of 'stock photography collage' depicting the most basic and identifiable depictions of forms and concepts for quick comprehension. This reliance on this style of collage is predicated on two factors in the era; the proliferation of stock photography collections, and the development of desktop publishing & graphics-editing software in the 1980s.

Note: The term 'Utopian Scholastic', was derived from the Facebook group of it's origin, 'Utopian Scholastic Designs from a pre-9/11 World', created by Suze Huldt. Some images shown here are sourced & curated from that group, and some are CARI member scans & finds.


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